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  • Thank you for your prompt and professional replies to my questions. I have lost 21 lb’s with very little exercise.


  • Lost 31 lbs … Need to buy some new clothes now! :)


  • I have been enjoying this food program and I have lost 3 kg … I am happy with that and not finding the program hard at all


  • Lost 11.5 lbs. Has in no way been difficult just a new mind set … The information, suppport and folks like YOU are amazing


  • I am now down 10 and a half pounds since I joined. Another two-pound loss will put me down to 160, a place I haven’t been in a very long time


  • What kind of Voodoo is this……? 5kg down despite eating a lot more regular than I used to, I’d recommend this to everyone and just stick with it !!!


  • I love this plan and have truely got my moneys worth, so please stick with it, it is so worth it in the end


Yes, I am ready to start my personalized diet